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Tutorial presented at OOPSLA 2007 in Montreal.
Here's the original description:

Embedded software is different: it often involves hard real-time constraints and very limited memory. But the challenges for embedded systems are even higher: they must be very reliable (99.999% often is not good enough) and need to tackle with a variety of different memory types (standard RAM, EEPROM, Flash, buffered RAM, ...). Another frequent design problem is the different kinds of processing tasks: interrupt handling, hardware control, application processes, all interconnected by a selection of communication means.

Many designers believe that objects in heavily constrained systems (e.g. 8-bit processors) have no role. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Given the correct tools, object oriented systems can perform better with tight resources than traditionally designed systems. C++ is such a tool that combines the full power of object-oriented design and programming with a maximum of performance while still allowing for the strict control necessary e.g. for hard real-time requirements.

This tutorial will present and discuss various techniques for designing and implementing typical embedded systems leveraging object-oriented mechanisms while minimizing resource consumption. As implementation language C++ will be used and real-word examples will be shown.

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